Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Real Life Conversations with JT: Role Reversal edition

 The backstory:  For some time, I’ve had a personal rule to limit road rage on the major boulevard in front of school.  That’s a place where I may see students and their parents and it seems wise to avoid flipping anyone off in that venue.  Enter last Wednesday morning, which was a rather stressful commute made difficult by drivers who were either not paying attention or annoying me (or both).

Me (excitable and annoyed):  That’s it! No more white cars may drive on my roads (gunning past two white cars but stuck behind another; preparing hand for non-verbal signal of dissatisfaction).

JT (calmly):   Settle down now; don’t break the no “fuck you” rule right in front of your workplace.  I can hear the conversation now, “Son, who is that crazy lady flipping us off and yelling?  “That’s Ms. Sassafras, mom, she’s the Middle School Assistant Principal.

Please note that the guilty went unpunished.

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