Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Walk in the Woods

Last Friday, I had a dentist appointment to finish the new crown on my tooth (so, yes, royalty now).  My car needed a tuneup and oil change and I was scheduled to work a school event for half the day on Saturday, so I took the whole day off.  After the crown on my tooth was complete, I made a trip to a Hacklebarney State Park to walk the trails and enjoy the Fall air.

In the minds of folks who don’t live in New Jersey, it's a state of turnpikes, traffic, and smokestacks.  It’s a shame that’s our public face, because this state has also has acres of history and lovely woods to enjoy.

Of course, I brought a book to read and found a bench for a nice break.

The sky was the clear and shaded the vivid blue that we often experience in the month of October.

Many leaves had already made their way to the ground.

Still other trees were nowhere near done with their Fall chores.

There is a lovely light to fall days like these and this one was a welcome respite in a very busy time of year.  That’s happy!

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