Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall Chores

We’ve had a lovely Fall, with warm and sunny days that have enabled me to successfully pretend that Winter is far away.  Though I switched quilts and added a blanket to my bed, I’ve mostly denied the end of Summer.  Flip flops still litter the floor of my bedroom.  I’ve not yet filled my closet with cool weather clothes, instead grabbing a few cardigans as a hedge against the early morning chill.  But it’s clear that this arrangement can’t last.  Last weekend was unseasonably cold and it’s now impossible to deny that the Summer season is over.  I started some of my Fall chores, including what I anticipate will be the final mowing of the grass.  The front yard looks lovely.

There are signs of Fall everywhere, from the fading leaves of the peony to the rhododendrons getting ready for Winter.

In the backyard, old man tree is well on his way to changing colors.

When I ran the mower over the grass, I mulched the leaves that had fallen.  But it’s clear that plenty more will fall in the days ahead.  

The fairies in my fairy garden have snuck back through their secret door for the Winter, though I’m already making plans to expand the fairy neighborhood come Spring.

JT is looking forward to snow and I expect that when the flakes begin to fall, I will enjoy the view of the backyard, as I always do.  The older I get, the faster the seasons of the year seem to pass by.  I suppose that’s the pace of life and by now I know there's no point is resisting the passage of time.  So I don'r resist, but I certainly do pause to appreciate the pleasures each season affords.

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