Monday, October 05, 2015

Dogwood Monday

For all of the Summer of 2015, I posted a picture of my garden every Monday.  In the last few weeks, as the Summer growing season has come to an end, I began to include a picture of the leaves on my dogwood tree.  Change is in the air, but my garden is not quite ready to give up its efforts.  The stormy weekend brought a lot of rain and the garden is looking lush again.

But it’s a mis-placed lush because there isn’t enough warmth or daylight hours to keep the garden going.  I’ve made my peace with that and have turned my attention to the changing leaves on the dogwood tree, a harbinger of the seasonal change that has begun to take hold.

Thanks to the weekend’s rain, Fall will be a bit nicer around here.  Leaves will have a chance to change color before they drop off the branches.  The dogwood is doing its part to make Fall lovely and for the next few weeks, I'll post a picture of it every Monday.  That will remind me to stop and admire the leaves and enjoy the Fall season.

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