Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Day Off

One of the things I love best is a lazy, long morning.  Though I am an early riser, I am slow to start up.  A little quiet in my morning makes my day happier.   I try to find a few minutes of that solitude every day.   But given the treat of two hours of the morning to myself, I can easily fill the time with cup after cup of coffee, Morning Edition on the radio, time to read a few chapters of a good book, and time to write down some idle thoughts.  These days, such time is typically a luxury beyond measure.

But today we have the day off from school.  I tucked into bed last night glad of the knowledge that the next day would bring time to pause and enjoy the blessing of a lazy, leisurely morning.  Adding to my pleasure is the fact that the day stretches before me blissfully unscheduled.  I plan to run a few errands and tidy up my closet, but otherwise I will enjoy a day off.  We’ve nearly six weeks of very full days between now and the blissful quiet of winter break.  Today I will pause to appreciate my many blessings.

I expect that the day will refuel me for the busy weeks that stretch ahead.  That’s happy!

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