Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fall Chores

We’ve had a warm fall and only this week have we had several nights of freeze warnings in a row.  The warmth has meant extended flip flop enjoyment.  It’s also meant that I could hold off on many of my fall chores.  Earlier this month, I put away my fairy garden.  This past weekend, I raked some leaves, dug up my dahlia bulbs, and stacked away my tomato cages.  I also decided that I needed to mow the lawn one last time.  Though it was late November, the grass was as thick and lush as if it was a Springtime lawn; the downed leaves were the only indication that it was Fall.

I enjoy mowing and I’m always sad to put the mower away for the season.  But it’s been run out of gas and placed in the back of the garage, having earned a rest for Winter.  Leaves have been mulched or raked into bags; I’ll finish some more of that this weekend.  Two nights of temperatures well below freezing confirm that Winter is on its way.  My yard is ready for the chill.

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