Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sign of My Advancing Decline

When I first got my station wagon it was June 2011 and the notion that heated seats would be a welcome addition to my world seemed unlikely.  After all, I had never had a car with heated seats before and seemed to function quite nicely.  But that first winter I found value in the heated seats and since then the return of cold weather finds me increasingly thrilled to turn on the heated seats.

I’d assume this affection was a sign of my advancing dotage, but JT is as much a fan as I am.  This week, very cold mornings have returned with a vengeance (today it was 28 degrees when I started the car) and each day we have been grateful  for the blessing of a warm seat on our morning commute.

Before you know it, I’ll be setting the furnace in the house above 75, just like a genuine old lady.

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