Tuesday, November 03, 2015

November Front Porch

My front porch Halloween decorations are among my favorite, but November’s decorations also have their charms.  This year, November 1st was nearly 70 degrees and though I knew an early sunset and cool evening were in store, sitting on the front porch in flip flops felt pretty dang nice.  I swapped out the jack-o-lantern table cloth for something more in the spirit of Thanksgiving.  The mums and pumpkins remain because this is the month of pumpkin pie, a favorite in my home.

The Halloween flag has been folded up and set aside in favor of the busy squirrel, T’s favorite flag by far.

Though my neighbors have started leaf collection, I’m not in any hurry to begin my raking and leaf collecting chores  For starters, there are still many more leaves yet to fall to the ground.  Plus, I like the look and sound of crunchy leaves scattered about the lawn and sidewalk.  It sounds like fall when I walk through the yard.

That’s happy!

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