Monday, November 16, 2015

Season 2

The cross country season has officially ended and JT’s next sport, wrestling (!), doesn’t officially begin practice until November 30.  However, the team (which seems to be as much a cult as a sport) has decided to have some early morning runs to get in the spirit of things.

To be honest, I cheerfully agreed to twice-a-week  7:15 am runs with the view that they would never last.  But it’s week 2 of morning runs and there are a lot of boys out there stretching and otherwise getting ready to make a 2 mile jog down the towpath along the canal that is next to campus.

Last night I told T that 7:15 runs were a damn sight better than midnight trips to the police station, which I suppose nicely sums up my current parenting philosophy.  It would also seem to explain why we arrived at school at 7:10 this morning.

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