Saturday, December 05, 2015

Enter December

Thanksgiving Day and the Friday that followed were mild days with sunlight and enough warmth to make hanging outdoor holiday lights a pleasant chore.  I’ve hung lights in the bitter cold, so it was a treat to have warmth for the transition.  There's colored lights on the porch, a Christmas flag flies, and wreaths and greenery abound.

The front porch table is seasonally cheerful.

There is an evergreen wreath on the front door.

Over the course of  the coming week, I’ll set out Christmas decorations inside the house, a tradition that I enjoy more and more each year.  We’ll head out to get our Christmas tree.  Its twinkling lights will greet us when we come home in the evening.  As the dark night descends sooner and sooner each day, I’ll welcome this spot of magical light in my December world.

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