Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Planning and Preparation

I did my best to stay organized as the holiday season arrived, wrapping packages as they arrived in the house, keeping lists, and organizing stocking stuffers in one location instead of tucked into bags hidden in my closet.    I made my holiday Costco run on Monday; on Tuesday I organized the dining room so that we were no longer overwhelmed by boxes of chocolate and gift-wrapping supplies.  Today, I wrapped up the rest of my Christmas errands.

Wearing flip flops, my glitter red toenails and I headed out in the warm rain to pick up our holiday ham.  I ran some other errands and then I came home and got things ready for the holiday feasts.  I made a cheese ball and baked potatoes for the potato casserole we’ll have on Christmas day.  I swept the floors, cleaned the bathrooms, and treated myself to an extra chapter of my book.  I wrapped some packages.  Then I poured myself some bourbon and watched Poldark on Masterpiece Theater.  I’ve been holding on to these shows on the DVR since the late summer, planning to enjoy them during my holiday.  It felt indulgent and lovely to finally watch.  

It’s a present to myself, time to watch this show.  As I watched, the rain came down outside and the lights on my Christmas tree twinkled to keep me company.  Merry, merry!

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