Monday, December 07, 2015

Real Life Conversations with T: State Identity edition

The backstory: T and I have apps for identifying license plates and we play competitively, texting the other and bragging when a rare state is sighted.  On Sunday, we were together when we rolled up on a car featuring a plate with a license plate that looked - briefly - unfamiliar.  I saw the blue and the yellow and thought “Kansas”, a state neither of us has seen in this round of the game.

Me:  Maybe that’s Kansas.

T:  Nope.  Ohio.

And, in fact, it was Ohio.

Me:  But it could have been Kansas.  You know, with one of those state mottos written on the plate: “Fields of wheat, skies of blue, and intolerance as far as the eye can see.”

T laughed and then we were off and running, writing new state mottos for all 50 states.  No state is free from our critical eye.

I sense a new blog feature.

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