Sunday, December 20, 2015

Relaxation Mode

Winter Break has begun and JT and I are settling into the realization that relaxation has arrived.  He still has wrestling practice and there are a few meets over the holidays but he doesn’t have much schoolwork and the alarm clocks don’t need to be set.  The pace of our days is eased for the next two weeks and we welcome this time.  Both of us are feeling happy about the leisurely days on the horizon.  That alone feels like cause for celebration.  Add in the holidays, and we are feeling blessed and lucky in equal measure.

This morning, I made a few extra cups of coffee and started my holiday lists.  This afternoon, I’ll go grocery shopping to stock the fridge and pantry for the week.  There are a few more gifts to be wrapped.  There are stocking stuffers to be organized and holiday cards to address and slip in the mail.  I especially enjoy this part of the holidays; the small chores, lists, and, plans are surefire proof that relaxation has arrived.  That’s happy!

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