Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Joy of it All

I change the picture on the desktop of my computer very regularly.  There’s only one requirement of the picture I place there: it needs to make me happy.  For this reason, the picture is most often one of two things: something from the outdoors, often a place I’ve visited with T, or my son.  Not coincidentally, both of these things are growing and changing and it is the notion of capturing one moment in a happy time that I find so pleasing..  

In September, I came across the picture of an 8 year old JT, playing in the backyard with a sprinkler and a stick.  This was frequent game he played over the years and it always featured laughter and joy because he was outside and running, two of his most favorite things.  I set the picture as my desktop because it made me happy.

Yesterday, one of JT’s Cross Country teammates made this picture of him in his second race of the season.   He wasn’t laughing and sticks aren't allowed in Cross Country, but I know that he was having fun.

Same kid, 9 short years later.  And the best thing of all is that I see the same kind of joy.  That’s happy!

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