Friday, September 15, 2017

Letting Go: Taco Supper

The backstory: This year, as JT prepares to head off to college, I’m writing about the traditions that spell love in our home.  I’m thinking of them more mindfully than usual as I prepare to send my bird from his nest.  For me, these traditions  were always about a securing a happy and well-loved childhood in preparation for a happy adulthood.  They are about creating memories that will endure and for me they are also about letting go.

One of the traditions in our home is homemade tacos, a supper I learned to make in California.  I make Diana Kennedy’s chicken recipe, so we have chicken tacos.  When there’s time, I make homemade refried beans.  There is always homemade salsa.  We have them so often that I have dozens of pictures of taco suppers served over the years.

We have chicken tacos when someone special comes to to dinner.  We have them to celebrate birthdays and achievements.  We have them because its Tuesday and tacos are delicious.  It’s special because its ours; it’s JT’s most requested meal.  Tonight we had tacos to celebrate the end of the second week of school.  T and JT’s girlfriend A joined us; both have had plenty of tacos at our house.  They are welcome to plenty more, because tacos at Sassafras House are a thing; our happy thing.

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