Monday, August 26, 2019

And So It Begins

This week begins the all-school faculty meetings to ease us into the start of a new school year.  New students will come for a half day on Friday; everyone returns the day after Labor Day. and from there we are off and running. This week is faculty meetings and last-minute preparation; a chance to return to the regular hours of the school year.  I was up with the sunrise this morning.  A new year is always exciting and there is much to look forward to, though I’ll miss today’s opening meeting in exchange for T’s post-surgical appointment.

We’re looking forward to having the cast off and giving her back her left hand.  We’re still celebrating the good news that the excised tumor was benign.  The week will find us looking to return to our familiar habits, T no longer under the haze of serious pain relief and neither of us fretting about a malignant tumor.

This is my second school year with a boy in college; my first start to the year living in the same house as T.  I’m especially looking forward to the daily routines of being together at the end of each day.  At school, I’ve a series of new lessons for my 7th graders and plans for all-school field trips in October.  There is much to look forward to as this year begins and even more for which to be grateful.  

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