Sunday, August 25, 2019


T and I spent the week nursing her stitched and casted arm and, as the days passed, nervously awaiting the doctor’s call with the pathology news.  Our expectation was that the removed tumor was benign but confirmation of that confidence was much-desired.  By Thursday, we were nervous whenever her phone beeped.  As Friday closed with no news, we steeled ourselves for a weekend of uncertainty.  Then her phone rang on Saturday and the news was good — all benign.

Saturday was a lovely day, with milder temperatures, lower humidity, and the kind of breeze that suggests fall in the air.  The good news made a lovely day even better.  It felt - it feels - like we can take a deep breath and plan the coming months.  We are relieved and glad, of course, and all the more aware of blessings received.  That's happy, so very happy.

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