Thursday, August 29, 2019

Seasonal Change

Though classes won’t begin until next week, back-to-school meetings have started this week.  My regular school schedule has begun, and I wake up at 5:30 in the morning, to give me the quiet morning time I crave in advance of long and busy days.

All summer long. I’ve spent time on the front porch with my book and several cups of coffee to ease me into the day.  This week’s early wake-ups have found me walking downstairs just before 6 am, with the dawn just peaking over the edge of the eastern sky but to yet break the inky darkness of my northern-facing front porch.  It’s been cool on these mornings and I grab a sweater to keep me company as I read.  More than anything else, these dark mornings show me that summer is fading away.

Next week, I’ll check my e-mail in the darkness, still on the porch to embrace the last of the summer season, but aware of the need to make the most of my morning quiet.  The darkness, the work e-mail, and the chill in the air will all combine to remind me that the relaxed pace of summer has faded and been replaced by busy school days.  I like those days, packed with the energy and excitement of middle schoolers eager to learn, but it’s still hard to say goodbye to the ease of the summer.  

Time will pass.  Pumpkins and fall mums will replace the abundant flowers of the summer.  Sweaters will be necessary and my toes will adjust to life inside of shoes.  I’ll look forward to Halloween and then Thanksgiving and with December, the arrival of Winter’s coziness.  Soon enough, Spring and then Summer will be back on the horizon.  I’ll embrace all of it and be glad for the season to come,  as is my way.  

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