Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Real Life Conversations with JT: Feeding Frenzy edition

The backstory: Having just finished his lunch, a giant sandwich I brought him from a local deli and while raiding my work desk for my emergency chocolate supply, JT wanted to know what’s for supper tonight.

Me: Well, there will be roasted chicken.

JT: Why not just say you are making some kind of summer salad that will never fill me up?

Me:  Perhaps because I’m not?  There will be lemon pasta, chicken, and bread.  Will that do?

JT:  Yes.

While it’s true that I have made my fair share of refreshing summer salads, my primary activity this summer has been to bake endless chicken breasts for a certain bottomless pit.  Notably, often while eating said chicken, he frets that no more food will ever be forthcoming.  This is a nightmare that never materializes.  But the boy is wary nonetheless.

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