Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cat Haiku

My good friend S is a haiku writer and I admire what she has written (check her out at

Poetry is not in my skill set ------ I am a failed English major after all ------ but the other day, as Tiger was engaged in biting the hand that feeds him, JT composed the following haiku-esque poem.....

He scratches and bites
and yet
we still pet him


Chelle said...

Very nice. Someday you'll have to explain how you became a "failed" English major.

Sharkb said...

Captures the essense of Tiger.

Sharkb said...

Tiger looks like he'd be good at Set.

J.Bro said...

I took J.T.'s lead and wrote a haiku about my own cats:

Emmett and Alvin
Eat as much as seven cats
Only Alvin's fat

Gill said...

Gorgeous cat!

I have given you the "blogaholics award" over on my blog :-)