Monday, January 07, 2008

Longest Minute EVER

Last fall when my old elliptical trainer died (sigh), a new elliptical trainer was procured (praise be! tragedy averted). It is a most noble machine, designed for a woman (e.g., no more hyper-extended elbow pain), and it's amazing.

I'm pretty serious about my workouts, running on the elliptical for nearly an hour most days of the week, proceeded and followed by ample stretching (because those two years I spent with a heel spur sucked......not to put too fine a point on it). With the advent of the new machine, I decided to be more systematic (read: anal retentive) about my workouts, following a set regime and switching things up every two months.

The workout I started at the first of the year calls for sprints of 1 minute at regular intervals throughout the workout; a total of 5 sprints in the 35 minute period of the workout when I'm neither warming up nor cooling down. It seemed eminently manageable.

But sweet Jesus, that is the longest minute ever. When my thighs start to burn and I'm convinced that the minute must be over, I'll check the clock only to see that I have 30 seconds yet to go. It's not pretty.


Kymm said...

Oh, I completely understand. But at least you are in the comfort of your own home. I get to sweat, turn red, and gasp for air while 50 skinny, toned people are around.

sister AE said...

Time is slippery, isn't it? And congratulations on your discipline. I have yet to get that "regular" hooked up to my "exercise."

And thanks for the card. It was sweet and you are so welcome.