Thursday, January 24, 2008

Over It

It's midterm week here at my school and that means lots of grading.


Teachers all have their own way of getting things done. Mine is to place the exams in one pile, and then place the answer key just to the left of the pile. I'm right-handed and that facilitates fast movement with the pen of wisdom.

Or whatever it is.

So this morning, I'm having a difficult time and can't quite figure out why I'm having to reach across the answer key to make comments (thus covering up the things I've written on the key). I'm annoyed.......and for several more minutes than I care to admit in this public forum.

Then I realize: I've got my grading pile disorganized. Key on the right; pile on the left. Improper formatting.


So glad that it's me in charge of this situation and not some incompetent teacher.


Sharkb said...

Unlike a certain person I could name but won't (ok, it's me) you can actually tell left from right.

sister AE said...

more coffee?