Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mama Nirvana

Each night, I read to JT when I tuck him into bed. I've been doing that for nearly 8 years now and it's often the best part of my day. Since JT learned to read, he's also had the chance to read books to himself. But he hasn't yet tired of having me read to him......the feeling is mutual.

Lately, we've been reading The Great Brain series by John Fitzgerald. The books tell the stories of the Fitzgerald brothers, who grew up in southwestern Utah in the late 1800s. JT has enjoyed every book in the series, but Me and My Little Brain, the volume we are reading now, has really caught his fancy. Tonight, as we read about escaped outlaw Cal Roberts, JT was enthralled. After 20 minutes, when I told him I was done reading for the night, he didn't complain and picked up the book he is reading to himself (Stuart Little).

I left the room and ran a bath for myself and when I peeked into JT's room, I saw that he had picked up Me and My Little Brain and was reading it to himself. A few minutes later, as I was settling into the bubble bath with my book he rushed into the bathroom ------ he just had to tell me what happened. Then, as I sipped my cup of tea, he read the book to me so that I could get caught up.

I think that it is now safe to say that I have successfully passed on my love of books.


Shelley said...

You totally rock. As does your son. What a terrific night!

Sharkb said...

Nice work to both you and JT. I'd say you've got yourself a book loving boy!