Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Year's Resolution

I have had enough therapy so that while I am still certifiable, I do know better than to make any new year's resolutions. Therefore, this is not a post about my new year's resolutions, which I don't need to make because I'm already perfect.


But the second graders are still under construction and when I was in their class last week to read a book to the boy and his classmates, I noticed that all of the second graders have made a new year's resolution.

My son resolved to read more books. Yes, that's right: TO READ MORE BOOKS.

My work here is done.


Missy said...

Hawthorne Effect?

J.Bro said...

(Sorry, that comment was from Jason, who is using Missy's computer without paying attention to who is logged in. Missy would have been much more polite.)

Sharkb said...

Nice work, sounds like you've got yourself a serious reader in the house!

latree said...

I always wanted my chilren to love reading. My eldest seems started to, and I'm glad about it.
I like how you feel perfect in last year. Does it mean you don't have anything to improve for next year?