Monday, February 11, 2008

Creative Supper

I made pancakes for supper tonight. That might not seem creative to most people, but it's creative for me.
Ever since I became a single mama, my sister has been steadily advising me to lower my standards. In the (obviously imaginary) ideal world of Sassafras Mama, a tasty homemade supper is put on the table each and every night. As the Sassafras Sister and any number of reasonable people have often suggested, it's perfectly acceptable to fall short of this bar.

There was a faculty meeting after school today and it ran a bit late. Then JT's homework sucked up more time than usual (geometry is kicking my bootie). It is true that I could have skipped my workout and made the planned supper (homemade pizza) but that would cause the earth to spin off its axis and so.......pancakes it was.

They were tasty and the boy was most delighted by this turn of events.

So I guess that everybody won.

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Sharkb said...

Pancakes for supper rock!