Friday, February 01, 2008

February 1: The Tree

I wouldn't say that we've had a mild winter, because we have had some very cold days and nights. But as of February 1st, we haven't had any serious snow in my part of New Jersey. There have been a few days with a dusting and one day it seemed we might get some ice, but so far there hasn't been a big snow.

No sledding, no snowmen, no snow forts in the backyard. It's only February, so we're not out of the cold yet. And when I took a picture of my tree this morning, the sky looked like snow might come our way. The clouds felt close, and heavy; the air was cold. A few hours later, a cold rain began. But at 34 degrees, the rain won't turn into snow.

The big tree looks stalwart in the cold. Still and silent the tall limbs are just marking time, waiting for some snow to drift down upon it. Or maybe, it's just waiting for the start of spring.

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J.Bro said...

Good god, I hope it's waiting for spring. Madison is closing in on 80" of cumulative snowfall for the winter - an all-time record!