Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Scattered Creativity

My parents arrive in town tomorrow. They are here to help celebrate JT's 8th birthday and we're both pretty excited. The plan for this evening was to finish up some last minute preparations for the visit ---- a bit of cleaning, a load or two of laundry, washing the boy, making a few more cards, starting the prep for tomorrow night's supper.

But first we went to watch the school's last home wrestling match (that's a sport I still don't understand.....I spend the whole match experiencing one of two very distinct emotions.....Emotion 1: "oh, please don't hurt one another" or Emotion 2: "crack some bones.")

Then we came home for our chores, all of which were temporarily put on hold with the discovery of water in the basement. We had snow last night followed by rain all day today. Frozen ground is just not so good at sucking in the water and basement took on its share of the responsibility.

Happily, the water wasn't more than 60 gallons and the fill rate is pretty slow, so my 12 gallon shop vac could handle things.
And since one can't stand around all night waiting to fill the shop vac, I got to work on my list of chores. I made some more cards.
And did a little prep for tomorrow evening's supper (tortilla soup......a taste of California in New Jersey...don't want the parents to get homesick)
And there's always some laundry to fold.

All is ready, more or less. And I'm tired, so I'll tuck myself into bed with my book and my Tylenol PM.

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Sharkb said...

Is there anything sexier than a multitasking woman?