Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Shape of Things

JT and I finished the geometric shapes for his school project. I had been annoyed with his other mother for not getting this done when the assignment came her way.....though not surprised that she dropped the parallelogram (as it were). But he and I had great fun finishing up the project, which he regarded as something magical. As the flat cut-out paper shapes were folded and taped and made three dimensional, he was delighted.

When we finished, I took this picture of the boy and his shapes. And when I saw that smile, I was happy that this assignment was mine.
Update, Sunday evening: Thanks to everyone for their kind comments. I'm just checking in tonight and saw all of your comments at once. Wow, do I have some terrific felt like a cavalry of very powerful women riding to my rescue. So thank you for the able rescue. That made me smile.


onehotmama said...

Oh for the love of mike! As a tribal member, this post was really the last straw for me. I've reading your blog for a while and have followed your story with your ex. But can you get off your high horse for ONE minute and see how PETTY this has become. I GET it! You are mad at your ex for leaving blah, blah. But it's OVER. MOVE ON. Bitterness and regret are just ways of holding onto the past. Your glee in how she didn't do the project is, well, JUVENILE. And maybe if you weren't so JUDGMENTAL you would find a place into a state of grace more easily AND find, gasp, some happiness for yourself and your kid. To that end, I can't believe that your TOXIC anger is actually very good for your son. And believe me, I'm SURE that he can feel it. If you could be a little less HIGH-HANDED and SMUG and find some HUMILITY and COMPASSION then you might actually find PEACE and LOVE. Think about it.

JAXTER said...

Whoa there champ, ease up! You don't know the whole situation, you are only getting bits and pieces of it. It's not over, and it won't be over because there is a child involved - how exactly do you want her to get over it when there is a constant reminder? You aren't there, you don't have a clue about how warm and loving her home is.

Sharkb said...

onehotmama -

Interesting that you accuse sassafras mama of being JUDGEMENTAL, while you yourself use the verbage PETTY, JUVENILE TOXIC, HIGH-HANDED and SMUG, while prattling on about a situation of which you only have a very limited knowledge, and none of it first hand.

As for it being the last straw - stop reading the blog, it's not that difficult.

And Jaxter's thoughts were expressed more graciously and articulately than I can manage.

Chelle said...

Love the smile and the shapes. I have fond memories, cause I'm just that weird, of discovering while taking mechanical drawing in high school that I was really good at visualizing what a flat outline would look like when put together as a 3D shape. It is magical.

As for the first comment, please ignore it. There is no reasonable explanation for that sort of attack, and quite frankly your frustration with she-who-will-not-be-named for dropping the ball on the homework is justified.


lumbab said...

Hmm. I wonder who onehotmama is since she doesn't have a profile. Leaves me to wonder. But I digress.

I, like others, GET you and love you for it. She-who-will-not-be-named deserves every toxic comment from you and more. I would not be so kind. So I agree with jaxter, sharkb and chelle - keep blogging openly with all your heart and soul. It's why I read your blog.

AND I love the shapes - your boy's face says it all.