Tuesday, February 12, 2008

World View

My years living in the South imprinted one thing on my brain: all soda is called Coke. From there, one distinguishes as to what kind of Coke, as in the following conversation:
Question: "Would you like a Coke?"
Answer: "Yes."
Question: "What kind of Coke?"
Answer: "Dr. Pepper."

So it is that all soda in my home is called a Coke. And, in fact, mine is a Coca-Cola household so, when you ask for Coke, you get.......Coke. All of this was made perfectly clear as JT and I drove to school this morning.

Just past the first Dunkin Donuts on our 8 mile drive (there are 3 directly in the way to school.....you gotta love Jersey), a Pepsi truck pulled out in front of us. It was giant with PEPSI written all over it. And what did my son say?

"Mama, do you think that Pepsi truck will just drive on over to our house and drop off some Coke for us?"

"Maybe so," I responded with a smile.

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Missy said...

Since Missy and I are now "soda" people, having formerly been part of the lower-midwestern "pop" crowd, my family think discussions of this topic are hilarious. And nothing is funnier to them than hearing about Southerners who order a coke when they want a 7-Up.