Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Daniel Boone

JT has a collection of more than 50 episodes from Daniel Boone, the 1960s-era TV show starring Fess Parker. He loves these episodes and when the spirit moves him, he stages a Daniel Boone-a-thon, watching several episodes in a row. Then, for days on end, he's involved in his own personal re-enactment as he becomes a modern-day Daniel Boone, stalking bad guys in the yard and generally delivering a stoic, upright, moral, good-guy performance.

I was worried about the old shows but they are surprisingly inoffensive: there is a strong sense of community, violence is considered undesirable, honesty is valued, the Indians are almost all of them portrayed in a sympathetic, if stereotypical, fashion. The 1960s production values are amusing; I especially like the dramatic music as it accompanies my routine household chores.

But the arrival of JT's Daniel Boone season means I hear things like this coming from the mouth of my 9 year old:

"He will be shot and you and friend will go free."

" I never did like that Aaron Burr."

"You make a fine venison stew, Mama."

And more than once, JT has had the following conversation with assorted imaginary friends:

X: Are you threatening me?

JT: I prefer to consider it a warning.

Now it's time for me to put on my coonskin cap and check my traps. The youngin' is hungry and I need to get some victuals on the table here at the homestead.

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