Saturday, March 28, 2009


Tiger and Lucy are indoor cats. Their only acquaintance with the outdoor world comes from time spent in the windowsills (and one dreadful escape). I sometimes worry that they are missing out on the pleasures of nature, but the risk that they would get hurt outdoors, while probably not great, is more than our hearts can endure. So they live in an indoor world.

There is a large cat with outdoor privileges in our neighborhood and he is fond of paying us a visit. We call this cat The Imposter (we once mistook him for Tiger and nearly escorted him indoors before we realized our mistake). Last weekend, The Imposter sunned himself on our back deck (he's there by the steps and the Christmas tree stand...don't ask) and it like to kill Tiger and Lucy, who stood at the back door and meowed up a storm.
We re-assured them of their hold on the iron kibble bowl and soft laps in our home and they relaxed their vigilance. The Imposter finally strutted off to torture someone else's pets.


Nichole said...

My cat gets totally pissed when our dogs are outside. He loves to go out, but we only let him out with adult supervision. So, our Tiger also longingly looks out our back door while the dogs lounge in the sun.

GreenishLady said...

I find it hard to see cats living an indoor life - but understand the reasons for it, having seen my sister lose two precious cats to the road. Yours look like such happy cats - and that imposter probably envies them their special place.

Sharkbuttocks said...

The imposter probably knows how good the eating is at house o' Sass.