Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Finery

It is either a function of my resourcefulness (or perhaps my obsession with lots of quality bed linens) that the bedding in my home changes on a seasonal basis. The very depth of winter finds JT and I sleeping in flannel-sheeted nests with thick blankets and down comforters encased in flannel duvets. I usually have another down quilt on top of my down comforter (which I refer to as doubling down....a pun of a phrase that always reminds me of the grandma who taught me to play Blackjack....but I digress). This bedding combination allows us to survive the frosty temperatures of the Jersey winter (temperatures made even more frosty by the fact that I set the furnace to 55 degrees over night). It also makes for some very soft and comfy beds.

With the coming of spring, we gradually peel back the layers of bedding. Last week, JT's down comforter and flannel duvet were washed and placed in the attic for the next few seasons. He still has his flannel sheets and a blanket to go with his spring quilt.
Because I am not JT the human heater, I still have my down comforter on the bed, but I got out a yellow poplin duvet and a less heavy quilt so that my bed is ready for the warmer weather.
The guest bedroom also gave up the flannel in exchange for a spring quilt. The beds look comfy and fresh all dressed in their spring finery.
Reviewing all of this rather makes me wish for a nap. There seem to be plenty of cozy options available.


Jason said...

I'm looking forward to the cool side of the pillow being a welcome alternative, rather than a nasty surprise.

Sharkbuttocks said...

Such restful looking nests.