Saturday, March 21, 2009

Real Life Conversations with JT: Disfunction Edition

The backstory: The arrival of March Madness has meant that we've been watching a lot of basketball on the television. And sporting events on the television means advertising. Lots of advertising; much of it directed toward basketball viewers of the XY chromosome persuasion. So we've seen plenty of ads for cars, beer, and pharmaceuticals of particular value to men. Among them was the Viagra ad we saw late on Thursday night, after which the following conversation ensued.

JT: I don't even know what that's for.

Mama: Do you want me to tell you?

JT: Is it for peeing too much?

Mama: No.

JT: Is it for needing to poop?

Mama: No.

JT: Well, what, then?

Mama: You know how I've explained to you about sex? (Note to readers: he once asked how babies are born and I provided a brief, age-appropriate explanation).

JT: Say no more, Mama, I don't want to know.

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