Sunday, March 08, 2009

Spring in the Air

Spring is just around the corner here, a fact identifiable by the chirping birds we heard as we awakened this morning. Just a week ago, it was quite frigid, with temperatures in the teens and snow. But later in the week, the sun outside had the promise of actual warmth to go with the light. The days are lasting longer; longer still after this weekend's time change.

Though we haven't had a great deal of snow, this winter has been quite cold. Sometimes it's been so bone-chillingly frigid that I've been tempted to say some very nasty things to old man winter, some things about his mother being a cheap, cold whore.

I usually enjoy winter but something about this year's relentless cold, with its icy winds and more than 8 weeks worth of bloody noses prompted by dry, indoor heat, has worn out my good will toward the season. I'm ready for the warmth, or, at minimum, the ability to wear less than three layers when I venture outside my home to fetch the newspaper.

Clearly I'm not alone. This weekend's warmth has pulled people outside. We headed to one of our favorite parks yesterday and though it was not technically open for the season, that didn't stop anyone. More warmth is forecast for today and though I'm sure winter hasn't quite finished with us, smart money says spring will prevail.
The boy is counting on that.

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