Monday, March 09, 2009

Things I Sometimes Imagine Against My Will

I've seen this meme in a few places and it has a way of lingering in one's mind. There is simply no reason we can't all be tortured together, so here goes..........

Scabs; gobs of them on my arms. For some reason, I'm always wearing short sleeves so strangers can witness the horror.

Driving off a bridge. I usually imagine this when I am on a bridge.

Falling through the grate when I walk down a city block. Pretty sure this will one day happen; just hope to survive it without icky stuff landing in my hair.

Having to teach JT to drive.

My elliptical machine breaking. This actually did happen once. I got a new one. Would probably employ that same method of dealing with disaster if it happened again. But still.

Being unable to read.

Car trouble.

What the ER personnel will think of me when they discover that my panties don't exactly match my bra. Will they stop life support? Tell other patients?

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