Friday, May 29, 2009


The weather has been mostly lovely lately and we've slept with the windows open for the last two weeks. I like the sound of chirping birds when I get up each morning. But on Sunday morning, at 5:30 AM I awoke to a loud thunk and the unearthly sound of a cat yelling and crying. I found my glasses and headed downstairs to check things out, convinced that one of the cats had endured a mortal wound. My heart was pounding with fear.

I came downstairs to find Lucy screaming her tiny cat head off at another cat on the back deck of the house. It was not the Tiger Imposter (also known as Fat Tiger), but a black and white cat I didn't recognize. As he quietly walked the length of the back deck and peered in the window, Lucy screeched at him. Tiger stood nearby, calmly supervising the security crisis, confident that Lucy had things under control. The Cat Invader finally turned tail and left and we all returned to our beds, secure in the knowledge that Lucy is watching over the joint.

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Nichole said...

You know women. We can't stop bitching until someone either gives in or gives up. :)