Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Welcome Home

Last spring, a significant portion of my front porch was replaced. When that work was completed, I primed and painted the entire porch. I've been pleased with the renovated porch. But over the past weekend, I started to think about doing more with the porch. I was inspired to do some updates when my next-door-neighbors offered me the old iron table from their front porch (they're moving to Florida and their new home doesn't have a front porch). Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I quickly snapped up the table.

And so my porch is getting an update. Here is the front of the house:
And are a few photos of the porch as it looks pre-update:
And here is a picture of the table that inspired the changes:
The surface is some kind of laminate (I've got some ideas for covering it up) but the pedestal is a terrific cast-iron that looks perfectly rustic.

The plan: There will be some paint touch-up work (especially on the roof trim); the flower pots currently hanging from the pillars will be sent out back to hang over the hostas by the garage and new fuller pots will be prepared for out front. The rhododendrens will be trimmed up, as will the evergreens. The porch will get some more things: maybe an outdoor rug and a couple of chairs for the table? The table and the front eaves will benefit from something ----- I've had my eye on an oilcloth banner and tablecloth. I'll add some additional flowerpots on the porch and a basket for the damp shoes that inevitably get left out front. There will be a new doormat.

Ever since I hatched the plan, I've been full of ideas. And even with my limited renovation budget, it's really nice for me to have a project that finds me looking forward, especially at this time of the year. Within a few weeks, right about the time that school lets out for the year, my porch will be ready for the summer, a very welcoming entrance to my home.

Pictures soon!

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Nichole said...

You have such a beautiful home!! Much more welcoming that my early 1990's era teal split level. Have fun with your porch makeover. Working outside is always a great excuse to have an ice cold grown-up beverage in the evening. :-)