Thursday, May 28, 2009

Real Life Conversations with JT: Second Opinion edition

On more than one occasion, I have conversations with JT whereby I urge him to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in the list of food that he will consent to eat. He treats this as the advice of a mad woman. The other day, I was yet again preaching the virtue of veggies we had the following conversation.

Mama: Veggies are good for you and they taste good. How about you try one?

JT: I'll eat a potato chip. That's made of potatoes.

Mama: Well (hemming and hawing to escape the logic conundrum)....potato chips don't really count as a vegetable.

JT: Why?

Mama: Because there's not much potato in them and they are fried.

JT: But they are still made of potatoes. That's a vegetable. I want a second opinion.

Clearly, my expertise is suspect.

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Nichole said...

I try to use the "if it's fried it doesn't count" logic with my kids, too. It's generally a no go. It works about as well as what I tell myself - if you eat it over the sink or straight out of the pan it has fwer claories. :)