Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Tulip Wednesday

Last fall, JT and I planted a couple dozen tulip bulbs in the front yard. New bulbs around my place are always tricky because you have to account for the clever squirrels, who eagerly search for fresh produce of that variety. We're past tulip season around here and I had given up hope that the bulbs would produce. But last week, I realized that my tulip luck had not run out.
Happily, a few tulips managed to escape the cunning squirrels. The flowers should open by next week and the rest of the flower bed, filled with hostas, azaleas, and a rose of Sharon, is prepared to provide a lush background for the flowers.

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Nichole said...

Ihave a solution to the squirrel problem: dogs. My dogs eat anything that comes in the yard. Snakes, bunnies, squirrels, birds, etc. . . It's actually quite disgusting.