Friday, August 07, 2009

All Cousins, All the Time

As happens whenever he comes to town, JT has seamlessly slipped himself into life with his cousins. Other than the occasional sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's (he can highly recommend the bacon for breakfast), he lives and breathes with the boys.

We've taken out the bikes and ridden to Sonic for lunch.
Then we took the bike trail back in the other direction, to check out a new park. The boys spent nearly two hours there, trying out the play equipment and generally having a big time.
Last night, some friends came over and they enjoyed a little night-swimming action, some fun that I recall from my own childhood. Something about gliding through the darkened pool makes you feel superhuman. I could hear them laughing and splashing in the backyard and an instant I was transported to that time in my own life, a time that doesn't feel nearly as long ago as the mirror unfailingly reminds me it must be.
There is something deeply satisfying about watching my child and my nephews as they enjoy being kids together. It could make a mama wish for an endless summer.


Libby said...

Say hi to Kristen and the rents for me! Are you swinging by the southern portion of our fair state?

Shark Butt said...

dudes got tall!