Sunday, August 16, 2009

Worthy of the Name

Though the heat and humidity have finally arrived with a vengeance, we've had a wet and cool summer in my corner of New Jersey. It has wreaked havoc on my plans for a lush, fruitful garden. I planted in the last week of April, but the cool, wet weather has slowed down my expected growing season. I did get my lush garden but it's also one that has been very slow to ripen.

I had hoped for an abundance of tomatoes to be eaten in July. But Mother Nature had different plans and so I've had to wait until this week to reap the rewards of my garden work. On Thursday morning, our first full day back home, I walked outside to check out my garden and I found the abundance of tomatoes that signifies summer.

Along with some colorful zinnias, I finally have a bowl of tomatoes that are quite worthy of being called a harvest.

1 comment:

Shark Butt said...

Most bountiful indeed, but I can see why those cats are giving the sassy zinnias the eye.