Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Smack Talk

On our last night in California, I joined JT and my nephews in the swimming pool for some games. We ended up armed and dangerous, playing a game whereby the children shot at me with water cannons and I sought to evade them, shooting back as necessary.

They are young and quick but I like to believe that I was a worthy enemy. Worthy enough to frequently disarm the most smack-talking of them all, my nephew S, who repeatedly announced, "You just got served, Auntie S," most often shouting that just as I relieved him of his weaponry (a scenario we repeated several times).

I like the way kids can seamlessly slip into a game they've never played before, quickly organizing for fun, as if that is the very reason that we exist in the first place. It was nice to leave adulthood behind and play along. And a reminder that I need to have fun more often.

And though I say it myself, I still think it's true: You boys got served by JT's Mama.

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