Saturday, August 01, 2009

August 1 Hostas: The Look of Summer

My hostas have bloomed and are now looking a bit like plants who could use a bit of a rest. It was hot around here last week (or so the weather service implied), though by no means was it unusual heat. And given our cool summer, for the garden it was a welcome heat. But mostly, it's been all kind of rainy in my corner of New Jersey.
And not just the welcome summer rain and fresh breeze that relieves the heat of summer. From the looks of my rain gauge and the zinnias in the garden, there has been heavy, pelting rain. So the hostas, who do not enjoy much covering, have taken a rainy beating.

But they are standing firm and waving in the breeze, well-watered to face the steamy August that lies ahead.

I have – finally – had a tomato from the garden and a few more are along the way (these tomatoes are yellow-orange when ripe; a variant called Jubilee). So we'll enjoy some bacon and tomato sandwiches as we sit on the back deck and admire the hostas this weekend.
As far as I am concerned, a warm garden tomato is the very taste of summer. And the look of summer is the lush green of the hostas lined up against the garage.

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