Saturday, August 15, 2009


Today is the 15th, the day of the month when I post pictures of something from my household that makes me smile. And I shall do that as soon as I find a replacement cable to connect my computer to my digital camera. Best I can tell, the cable that came with the camera got left in Denver. When I consulted the manual for information about obtaining a replacement cable it instructed, "use only the cable that came with the camera."

Good advice, albeit advice that I cannot follow because, as I believe I mentioned before, that cable is on an extended dance mix vacation in the Mile High City.

However, if there is one good thing about living in New Jersey, it's the retail opportunities. I have no doubt that somewhere out there is a pimply-faced, tech-savvy young man who will smugly advise me as to a replacement cable.

And then I will return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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