Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Ultimate Stuffie

Around my house, all the stuffed animals are referred to as stuffies. Big boys of 9 don't play with stuffed animals as much as they used to. But my sister's dog, Murphy, is an adequate substitute. He's goofy and charming, with a propensity to eat catalogs (though he's been known to leave the one with dog toys unmolested). He's large enough to leap the sofa in a single bound. And, at just 18 months old, young enough to try it more than once.
Update: Murphy is considered much less charming when he eats shoes. Auntie KO is not amused, Murphy.


Nichole said...

If that dog doesn't look like a Murphy I don't know who does. Is he a Labradoodle? Colby wants one of those.

Shark Butt said...

For dogs shoes are the gateway drug to couch eating.