Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The other day, my friend E announced that she was eating more fruits and vegetables.  She blamed me and, for now, I'll accept responsibility for this dubious decision of hers.  But only because she bought a bunch of apple pears and has since decided that they are not to her taste.  So I have been the recipient of the rejected fruit.

I like it.

My extensive research (I asked some students also eating free-fruit from E) confirms that this fruit is most often known as an Asian Pear.   That's one of those 1970s-ish names ----- an attempt to be exotic that  now sounds sketchy.  The apple-pear has the firm feel and look of an apple but the gritty (and sometimes soft) texture of a pear.  It's an appleish pear with thicker skin.  Or a pearish apple?  Anyway, it was sweet,  juicy, and tasty.  I think that this fruit should get a more exotic name, up the price, and try to lure Whole Foods onto the gravy train of fruit sales.

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Jess said...

Hi Stacy! I've been reading your blog lately, an attempt to keep up with you and JT! It's been so long, and I hope I can catch up with the two of you when I come back to Jersey for Thanksgiving next week!

-Jess P.
I love the "real life conversations" with JT, they make me smile!