Thursday, November 12, 2009

Short Pants

When JT was little, he used to call shorts "short pants."  He loved wearing them and the arrival of cooler weather (and long pants) was an unwelcome development.   But he would generally put on whatever clothes I set out and the transition from short to long pants was thus accomplished.

These days, he's still mostly willing to wear whatever clothes I set out for him.  But he does have one fashion rule: all shorts, all the time.  I am convinced that he would wear shorts in the dead of winter if I would let him.  You'd recognize him everywhere as the child with a heavy coat, hat, gloves, and shorts.  The problem with this arrangement is the troubled looks I receive from other parents and teachers when my child cruises to school in long sleeves, a jacket, and shorts.

Yesterday, I announced that it was cold enough to wear pants.  He grudgingly pulled them on and then spent the rest of the morning fanning himself from the excess heat my sartorial ruling brought on.

It's pants again today (the forecast high is 53 degrees).  I imagine that JT will need a glass of ice water to cope with the heat exhaustion this decision will bring on.

Update: My friend Mollie reports that her brother uses the word pants as a substitute derogatory, as in "That is so pants" when something is no good.  Sounds like new vocab for the Sassafras House.

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lumbab said...

This must be your Cali genes! Totally SoCal: Shorts & a sweater. Remember Glen Livesay - he NEVER wore pants.