Wednesday, November 04, 2009


A few weeks ago, JT and I took a nice long walk in the woods that run along the D & R Canal.  This path runs along the eastern edge of the campus at our school and JT knows it well.  When he was in preschool, a creative gym teacher used to take the 3 and 4 year olds along the trail so they could admire nature.  Together, he and I have walked this trail more times than I can count.  JT knows which trees will prove most beautiful and he knows where along the trail we should pause to look for turtles sunning themselves.

As JT nears the age of 10, a number that sounds so old, I am increasingly aware of time passing.  One of the best things about raising a child is the chance to again experience the wonder and joy of childhood, this time watching life unfold before your child's eyes.  When he was very small, if something impressed JT, you'd hear the sound of a little whoosh coming from his mouth as he expressed awe at what he saw.  It happened pretty often; the world often offers new experiences when you are small.  That whoosh is more rare as he gets older.  One of the benefits of age is wisdom, of course.  But there is also less wonder; less awe.

Mother Nature still provides those whoosh moments I cherish.  Ducks gliding across the water; a group of still deer in the meadow; the brilliant leaves on the trail...they all make my boy stop and admire the beauty of it all.  And then I hear that whoosh.

In that moment, all is right in my world.


Shark Butt said...

Most excellent pictures to go with the sweet blog posting.

Shelley said...

Whoosh indeed. Lovely.