Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Real Life Conversations with JT: Irony edition

The backstory: Each week, JT takes a spelling test at school.  His Sassafras genes aren't much help in this regard, as I am a dreadful speller.  So we practice the words and hope for the best.  This week, the spelling test was on Monday.  That meant an extra weekend to study...though in his case we were in Washington D.C. with the Model Congress team and we were not entirely responsible in our study habits. 

JT:  I got my spelling test back today.

Mama:  Oh yeah?  How'd you do?

JT:  I made a 90; I got 2 words wrong.

Mama:  That's pretty good.  What words did you miss?

JT:  Resources and literacy.

That figures.

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