Monday, November 23, 2009

Well Traveled

I drive a mama car.  I've got some clever stickers and it's a nice shiny silver color but at heart I must admit the truth: it's a mama car.  At any given moment, it's filled with the sorts of stuff a mama might need.  In the spring, I'm carrying baseballs and a bat.  In the summer, I've got sticks and extra bottles of water.  In the fall, you'll find a soccer ball.  And when the weather might be good enough to be outdoors, I've got my two folding chairs.

I bought the chairs in 2002 to take to a trip to visit a lake in South Dakota.  And since then, I've carried these chairs all over the place.  They've been to numerous beaches in New Jersey.  They've been camping at Cape Cod.  They sit out by the local pool in the summer.  And they have accompanied me to countless sports events.  If I've got a chair and a book, I'll happily go just about anywhere.

The soccer season ended a few weeks ago; it's still too soon for baseball practice.  And so I've placed the faithful chairs in the garage, to hibernate for the winter and rest up for the next season.

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